The FASTCAM SA1 improved provides blistering fast speed, unmatched light sensitivity and true 12-bit performance. Capable of over 5,000 full frames per second (fps) at mega pixel (1K x 1K) resolution, the brand new CMOS sensor provides true twelve bit pixel depth and is now capable of reduced resolution faster than 650,000 fps!

Building on the experience gained with the EMMY award winning ultima APX and ultima APX-RS cameras, the FASTCAM SA1 is our most light sensitive camera yet, as well as providing the greatest color fidelity of any high speed camera available, thanks to true 12-bit performance. The FASTCAM SA1 provides the perfect tool for those looking for mega pixel resolution at high speeds, as well as those demanding sensitivity and performance with an SDI digital output for TV/movie and commercial work.

Available with three memory options:
– Eight (8) Gigabytes for around six seconds record duration at full resolution 1,000 fps.
– Sixteen (16) Gigabytes for around eleven seconds record duration at full resolution 1,000 fps.
– Thirty two (32) Gigabytes for around twenty two seconds record duration at full resolution 1,000 fps.
– Sixty four (64) Gigabytes for over forty three seconds record duration at full resolution 1,000 fps.

The FASTCAM SA1 is supplied with our new RS422 LCD equipped keypad, making computer-free setup and operation a good deal easier. Rear panel BNC connectors provide users with two HD-SDI and one composite (NTSC or PAL) outputs.

The option of a one micro second shutter (previously 2µs) and reduced time between two frames make the FASTCAM SA1 ideal for Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV, Digital Image Correlation(DIS) and ballistics research.



• 1,024 x 1,024 pixels @ 5,400 fps
• 832 x 608 pixels @ 10,800 fps
• 640 x 480 pixels @ 18,000 fps
• 512 x 512 pixels @ 20,000 fps
• 256 x 256 pixels @ 67,500 fps
• 256 x 16 pixels @ 500,000 fps
• 64 x 16 pixels @ 675,000 fps

Variable Region of Interest (ROI)

Capture 12-bit uncompressed data

One microsecond global shutter

Rear panel has dual HD-SDI and one RS-170 BNC outputs for real time monitoring during setup, recording and playback

Memory options include 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB

Phase lock to IRIG/GPS

Range Version (RV) option with sealed case to prevent dust or moisture getting inside the camera case where it could damage the internal electronics.

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