High performance CMOS sensor technology providing 3,600 fps operation at 1,024 x 1,024 pixel resolution and frame rates up to 500,000 fps at reduced resolution

To complement the existing range of Photron high-performance high-speed imaging products, the FASTCAM SA4 delivers a fully featured system including mega-pixel resolution, high light sensitivity, high dynamic range and low noise at an attractive price level.

For demanding applications that do not require the highest frame rates but where all other aspects of system specification are important the FASTCAM SA4 is the correct choice. Applications include fluid dynamics, biomechanics, material test, airbag development and test, microscopy and automotive safety testing.

The FASTCAM SA4 is 100% compatible with the existing range of Photron products and shares features such as remote keypad with built in view finder for remote operation and support of Photron data acquisition devices.

For applications where ingress of dust would be hazardous or external fans are undesirable a sealed case option (FASTCAM SA4 RV) is available.


Materials Science
Combustion Research
Fluid dynamics (PIV)
Defense and aerospace research
Ballistic Imaging Plasma and arc studies
Shock Waves and Detonation


Performance examples:

• 1,024 x 1,024 pixels @ 3,600 fps
• 512 x 512 pixels @ 13,500 fps
• 256 x 256 pixels @ 45,000 fps
• 128 x 128 pixels @ 125,000 fps
• 128 x 16 pixels @ 500,000 fps

Variable Region of Interest (ROI)

1μs global shutter

Capture 12-bit uncompressed data

20μm pixels ensure best light sensitivity for demanding high-speed or low light applications

Equivalent ISO light sensitivity 10,000 (monochrome), 4,000 (color) measured to ISO12232 S sat

Phase lock to IRIG/GPS

Rear panel has dual HD-SDI and one RS-170 BNC outputs for real time monitoring during setup, recording and playback

Optional remote keypad control with integrated viewfinder

8GB, 16GB, 32GB or 64GB memory options

Gigabit Ethernet interface

Range Version (RV) option with sealed case to prevent dust or moisture getting inside the camera case where it could damage the internal electronics.

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